During the years of 1995-2011 Sakertour has initiated and financed several expeditions to survey breeding bird populations in the Carpathian Basin. A major ornithological project is the writing and compilation of the ‘Handbook of the Birds of the Carpathain Basin’ and Sakertour financing various parts of this mega-project. The latest support was the launching of the website which is an online data collection of 35% of the birds of the Carpathian Basin. The owl boxing project financed by Sakertour also serves as a population estimate of this group at various sample sites in the region. Our guides are also very active in survey works and research projects and you can see a few sample articles by our team below.

  1. The birds of Hortobágy. Ecsedi Z. (ed.) 2004. The first comprehensive manual on the birds of the Hortobágy National Park, with the species monographs compiled by the best specialists and based upon historical as well as primary distribution data. Many of these species monographs and a substantial number of pictures have been produced by our guides.
  2. Ecoprogramme for restoration of degraded habitats on Hortobágy Natinal Park. J. Oláh, Cs. Aradi, Z. Ecsedi, J. Oláh Jr., E. Sarosi, I. Sándor and G. Szilágyi 2001.FVM Publication p 144.
  3. Ecological management for wildlife protection on Kisköre reservoir, a Ramsar area of Hortobágy National Park. Oláh J., Cs. Aradi, I. Bancsi, Gy. Dévai and P. Végvári. 2001, FVM Publication p.162.
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  5. Population density and fish consumption of Cormorants in Hungarian fishponds. Olah J., Z. Ecsedi and J. Oláh Jr. 2002. Hungarian Waterfowl Publications.

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