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To book ONLINE please complete the form below.

To book OFFLINE click here to download the PDF Booking Form, which you can then print, complete and mail to us at: Sakertour, H-4032, Debrecen, Tarján u. 6. Hungary

If you experience any problems with online bookings, please contact our office on +36309957765 to book your place, use the offline booking form above or simply contact us through our website!


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Note: If you are travelling alone and are willing to share a room please note that it is not always possible to find you a room-mate, in which event we will have to charge you a single supplement.

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Special Instructions:

Participants booking together should specify their rooming preference. Please note that we cannot always guarantee that your rooming preference will always be available. Participants travelling alone and willing to share a room with a member of the same sex  should select ’twin’ in the rooming requirements section. Please also note that Sakertour has a non-smoking policy.

You should arrange adequate travel insurance to ensure that you are covered for risks such as unexepcted cancellation, medical expenses, loss of baggage or money and personal libility. By signing this form you confirm that you have accepted responsibility to arrange adequate travel insurance for all persons mentioned on this booking form.

By submitting this form you confirm that no person included in your booking suffers from any disability or illness, which may prohibit their full participation in this tour. You must also notify us if anyone suffers from a serious medical condition.

By submitting this form you confirm that I have read the full tour description and have also read and accepted Sakertour’s Booking conditions on behalf of all persons included in this booking.

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