Describing new exotic species
During the years of 1995-2011 Sakertour has initiated and financed several expeditions to collect caddisflies in the Oriental, Australasian, Afrotropical and Neotropical major Biogeographic Regions. Elaborating the exotic materials collected during these expeditions Sakertour has financed the laboratory studies and covered the publication cost of 5 monographs and 7 papers in Zootaxa, a Megajournal for Zoological Taxonomists in the World:, 14 papers in Braueria, an international journal specialised to publish caddisfly papers:, and 27 papers in various zoological journals. The new species described from these expedition materials is over 740, with 4 new caddisfly genera.

Project of discovering and describing new European caddisflies
During the years of 2008-2011 Sakertour has financed field and laboratory expenses to explore and describe endemic caddisfly biodiversity in the Carpathian and Balkan Biogeographic Regions. Personal and financial effort is focused on the taxonomy of the European genus Drusus and the European tribe Chaetopterygini. Both taxa have produced intense speciation processes during the pleistocene period. 21 new European caddisfly species are already described.

Financing holistic zoological activity
During the entire period Sakertour has financed all the eight steps leading to the taxonomic nirvana of species description:

  1. Enjoyment of nature
  2. Enjoyment of collecting
  3. Enjoyment of sorting
  4. Enjoyment of the discovery
  5. Enjoyment of researching taxonomic literature
  6. Enjoyment of describing
  7. Enjoyment of submitting your manuscript for publication
  8. Enjoyment of educating others

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