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Location and installation year:
This unique hide is located in the garden of the Bíbic Eco Lodge in Balmazújváros on the very edge of the Hortobágy National Park. It is placed in small woodland on the edge of the Nagy-szik soda lake.  It was installed in October 2013 and has been tested throughout 2014. As far as we know this is the only and first-ever canopy drinking hide in the World.

The hide is easily accessed from the Bíbic Eco Lodge on foot. The tower hide is about 60m from the accommodation rooms.

Size and style:
It is 250 cm wide, 200 cm long and 200 cm high. The bottom of the hide is at 5,5 meters above ground level – the drinking pool is also placed 5,5 meters above ground. It has a frontal 250 cm by 45 cm photo-through window, and two 150 cm by 45 cm photo-through windows on each side of the hide. This allows unique opportunity to photograph into three directions. It is comfortable for three photographers.

Comfort and accessories:
- Three chairs with back support
- Blinds on each window
- Electricity
- Electricity sockets for laptops
- Shelf
- Air-condition / Heating
- Speaker
- Pool heating system in winter
- Spotlights focusing on the pool

This hide can be used anytime for our guests and has no regulations.

Recommended Photo Equipment:
The distance to the end of the drinking pool where most birds appear is 5.5 meter from the hide. All sort of lenses recommended but a 300 mm and 500mm are the best. Occasionally some species perch closer to the hide so a zoom lens can be useful too.

What to bring:
No essential items

Photo period:
Throughout the year

Possible species:
Sparrowhawk (August), Wood Pigeon (April-September), Collared Dove (all year round), Cuckoo (August), Long-eared Owl (May-August), Syrian Woodpecker (May-August), Common Redstart (August-September), Black Redstart (April-September), Blackbird (April-September), Blackcap (May-August), Icterine Warbler (August), Chiffchaff (August-September), Wood Warbler (April-May, August), Spotted Flycatcher (August-September), Pied Flycatcher (August-September), Great Tit (April-September), Blue Tit (April-September), Magpie (April-September), Golden Oriole (May-August), Tree Sparrow (April-September),

Latest image in the gallery: Spotted Flycatcher (2016-09-26 11:28:35)

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