Sakertour is a university based company and highly committed to conservation

Financed various biodiversity research projects.
- bird community surveys in the Carpathians
- Carpathian, Oriental and Neotropical Caddisfly projects.

Installed over 550 owl nest-boxes in Carpathian forests of Hungary, Romania, Slovakia.

Spend considerable time and resources to create feeding habitat for birds (winter eagle feeding, winter passerine feeding, fish-eating bird feeding etc.)

Contributed to and participated in several landscape level restoration projects in the Hortobágy National Park.

Developed ecotourism in cooperation with Hortobágy National Park Directorate, Hortobágy Fish Farm Co., Hortobágy Environmental Association, Carpathian International Association for Nature.

Nature conservation is an ethic of resources use, allocation, and protection based on understanding of the social and cultural context of conservation.
This is why Sakertour maintains ecological ethic in Birdwatching and Hide Photography practices.

What is ethics?
Birdwatching Ethics
Bird-photography Ethics

Nature conservation is a cognitive approach to human and nature relation
This is why Sakertour initiates and finances extensive research on biodiversity

Why Biodiversity research?
Bird Biodiversity research
Caddishfly Biodiversity research

Nature conservation is the ecological consumption of energy, material and biodiversity in order to maintain or to restore the health of the natural world harmonizing and correcting economic activity, the major driving of biodiversity loss.
This is why Sakertour promotes and finances various restoration and creation projects.

Habitat restoration projects
Bird breeding and feeding habitat creation

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