Postal address: Tarján u. 6, H-4032, Debrecen, Hungary

Mobile phones:
00-36-30-9957765 (Manager: János Oláh, Jr.)
00-44-7400-636465 (Office assistant in UK: Marianna Oláh)
00-40-74-0572215 (Romania Principal Guide: Zoltán Baczó)
00-36-30-3617773 (Hungary Principal Guide: Zoltán Ecsedi)
00-36-30-5239198 (Hungary Principal Guide: Gábor Simay)
00-36-30-2395544 (Hungary Principal Guide: Tamás Zalai)
00-36-30-3268069 (Founder: Prof. János Oláh)

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Use the mail box above to contact us! Please ask for tour and date availabilities, any aspect of our tours, our destinations, possible birds, timing, prices, accommodations and transport. Enquire about customised birdwatching or hide photography tours. We can also tailor any itinerary for your needs! You can contact us also on the email adresses above or you can call our manager and our guides directly on their cell phones too.