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Custom tours include all kinds of private birdwatching tours of singles, couples or small groups of friends who plan to visit birding destinations on their own. In contrast to scheduled birdwatching tours of tour operators with set dates and itineraries, our custom tours are tailor-made and designed with or without the help of local ground operators. There is a wide range of tailor-made customised tours from fully local expert-escorted to almost entirely independent, self-guided tours.

Many birdwatchers’ dream is to join one of the fully organised tours with set dates and itinerary. Book our Partner Tours offered by Worldwide Tour Operators to meet your requirements. However, there is an increasing number of motivations for private custom tours:

  1. to save money
  2. to enjoy nature during intimate, self-guided birding tours
  3. to explore easy destinations with your friends
  4. to book local expert guides only for rare and hard-to-find birds
  5. to find target bird specialities at a limited number of destinations

Our destinations parameters help you to list your target birds, select among birding destinations and plan the season and duration of your tour to see your target birds with substantial savings. We offer and book standard and budget accommodation as well and offer transport services when required. Save money and book guiding for a minimum number of days to find the rare and hard-to-find Eastern European bird specialities.

List your target birds
Examine the lists of bird specialities or the complete bird checklists at each of the destinations to list your target birds.

Select destination
Select from destinations offered by us according to your target birds or wish-list.

Select birding season
Examine the best watching season for your target birds at our destinations.

Minimal number of guided days
The cost of our local guide is 140 euro per day including permits and entrance fees of up to 4 clients; for over 4 clients there is an extra 15 euro per each extra person per day. If you have more time available for self-guiding you need to book less guided days, and our guides will also ready to help you plan your self-guiding days. However, there may be certain bird specialities that are difficult to find on your own, then it is more economical to book one of our guides. The suggested number of days to book Sakertour guides to see all of Eastern European bird specialities (in brackets are the numbers of self-guided days): 2 full days (+3) for Hortobágy National Park, 1 full day (+1) for Zemplén Forest Reserve, 1 full day (+0) for Rejdova Pine Forest and 2 full days (+2) for Transylvania. In case you have less target birds you may need less guided days.

Select accommodation

  • Nature Lodge accommodation (available only in the Hortobágy at the moment) with en suite facilities and buffet breakfast 45 euro per person (double occupancy) or 90 euro/room. Single rooms 60 euro.
  • Standard accommodation at any birding location with breakfast 30 euro per person (double occupancy) or 60 euro/room. Single rooms 45 euro.

Select transportation

  • You can hire a car at airport and reach your selected accommodation and use the rented car during your daily birding. You will seldom need a 4W car.
  • Sakertours offers airport and daily transport upon request 100 euro/day including petrol. Also 4W in the Hortobágy area if required for 120 euro/day including petrol.

The cost of these tour combinations can be calculated with the guide, accommodation and transportation expenses given above.

  1. Visit our destinations to see bird specialities!
  2. List your target birds by destinations and select among the suggested tour combinations accordingly!
  3. Book our guides, choose from accommodations and transport alternatives!
  4. Email us if you need our help!

SPRING: Hortobágy-Zemplén Tour (Hungary)
Our most preferred tour, comfortable, cheap and easy with high bird diversity You will see all the Eastern European birds except birds of pine forests and limestone gorges.
Suggested duration: 8 days

SPRING: Hortobágy-Zemplén-Ore Mountains Tour (Hungary-Slovakia)
This is a comfortable and easy tour with high bird diversity. You will see all the Eastern European bird specialities including a good number of pine forest birds.
Suggested duration: 9 days

SPRING: Hortobágy-Zemplén-Transylvania Tour (Hungary-Slovakia-Transylvania)
Simply, this is the most diverse Eastern European tour. You will see all the Eastern European bird specialities. In this tour you can combine birdwatching with Brown Bear watching.
Suggested duration: 12 days

SPRING: Danube Delta and Dobrudja (Romania)
This is a comfortable and easy tour with high bird diversity. You will see a wide range of birds and fantastic migration.
Suggested duration: 8 days

JUNE: Transylvania (Romania)
An amazing tour to see high altitude alpine species, brown bears and butterflies.
Suggested duration: 8 days

AUGUST: Hortobágy – Zemplén Tour (Hungary)
Raptor and migratory shorebird tour
Suggested duration: 7 days

AUGUST: Danube Delta and Dobrudja (Romania)
The Black Sea cost migration route! Amazing for raptor and migratory shorebirds.
Suggested duration: 8 days

SEPTEMBER: Hortobágy-Zemplén-Transylvania Tour (Hungary-Romania)
Similarly diverse to the Spring tour but the focus is on the autumn migration. You will see all the Eastern European bird specialities with Brown Bear watching
Suggested duration: 10 days

NOVEMBER: Hortobágy tour
Relaxed, comfortable and spectacular tour with migration of Common Cranes. This is the only tour to see Red-breasted Goose and Lesser White-fronted Goose together!
Suggested duration: 5 days

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