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Near Slovenski Raj National Park

WHY REJDOVA? Full bird list of Redjova (downloadable)
  1. Subalpine Carpathian spruce forest with mixed deciduous forests in Slovakia
  2. Near our Zemplén Forest Reserve (two hours drive)
  3. Tranquil reserve inhabited by a good number of Carpathian birds
  4. Breeding raptors (Golden and Lesser Spotted Eagles, Honey Buzzard and Goshawk)
  5. Over 150 pairs of Hazel Grouse
  6. Pygmy, Tengmalm’s and Ural Owls are regular breeders
  7. Several species of woodpeckers breeding
  8. 20 pairs of Three-toed Woodpeckers
  9. Other interesting spruce forest specialties are common like Nutcracker, Firecrest, Crested Tit
  10. Limestone Gorge of Szádelő en route holds Eastern Imperial Eagle and Rock Bunting

Habitat diversity:
(1) Spruce Forest (2) Limestone gorge (3) Mountain streams

Bird specialities and best watchig period
Bird specialities Best watching period
Black Stork April to July
Golden Eagle all year round
Lesser Spotted Eagle April to August
Goshawk February to October
Hazel Grouse all year round, best in April; September
Ural Owl May
Tengmalm´s Owl year dependent; Late April to early June
Pygmy Owl Late March to June
Black Woodpecker all year round
White-backed Woodpecker May to June
Three-toed Woodpecker April to October
Dipper all year round
Alpine Accentor May (1 hour drive from Rejdova)
Ring Ouzel Mid-March to early April
Garden Warbler April to June
Firecrest April to August
Crested Tit all year round
Willow Tit all year round
Nutcracker all year round, best April and September
Bullfinch all year round
Siskin all year round
Crossbill all year round
Common Rosefinch Mid-May to July
Rock Bunting March to May

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