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The art and science of bird photography are powerful mediums of communication for nature appreciation and environmental protection that provides inspiration and education as well as information for people. At the same time, they are a very effective and the most economical tool to teach young people to live a natural and organic way of life.

Man is an integrated component and today the key species of nature. This organic system is now highly endangered in the life of the modern man packed in cities. It is increasingly apparent that the Homo sapiens cannot survive long while living a completely unnatural life in a plastic world. Nature photography is one of the methods to find our way back to nature. People take photos of birds because they find nature and their habitats to be a fascinating, wonderful and beautiful place. To capture a little of that beauty and wonder on film is a small piece of nature that is preserved for the future. Along with this sense of wonder, most nature photographers have great respect for the natural world and wish to avoid harming or disturbing their photographic subjects.

In recent years the standard of nature photography has improved tremendously. Bird photography has become very competitive and not only for the professionals. Nature inbuilt hide photography has opened a new window onto nature.

The most critical issue in bird photography is how to get close. No matter how close you get, it is rarely close enough. A hide is often necessary in order to get close enough to many bird species. There has been an evolution of hides from natural covers such as tall grass, bushes and trees through nature inbuilt hides to various mobile hides, including floating and car hides. Nature inbuilt hides may represent a revolutionary innovation in the field of nature conservation, since not only do they hide the photographer, but also appear as a natural part of the landscape. Best nature inbult hides are completely integrated into the natural setting and very well adapted to by birds. They create new feeding, roosting and even nesting habitats for birds, and comply with the principles and practices of habitat restoration, bird protection and bird photography. Remember the mission of bird photography is education and motivation of people, helping them to rediscover and enjoy their natural roots. A sophisticated hide network taking these principles into consideration has been developed and installed in various habitats of the Hortob√°gy National Park, which was realised in a way that ensure that the birds you wish to photograph are going to appear right in front of your hide. Our hide network has been developed to blend in with the landscape and if you observe the rules, regulations and ethics you will feel as an organic part of nature.

The use of our hides can be very rewarding as you are well hidden from the birds and a component of the bird habitat in our nature inbuilt hides. We provide photographic opportunities that otherwise would not be available.

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