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Location and installation year:
We use 2-3 different hides for Hoopoe photography since 2012. Location varies from year to year but is usually in the northern part of the Hortobágy National Park.

It is possible to drive to the hide.

Size and style:
Most of these hides are 260 cm wide, 260 cm long and 140 cm high. The size of the photo-through window is 210cm by 50 cm. It is comfortable for three photographers.

Comfort and accessories:
- Three chairs with back support
- Curtains
- Large mattress

Variable but not very strict

Recommended Photo Equipment:
All sort of lenses recommended but 400 mm and 500 mm are the best. Also 300 mm lens for flight and other action shots. Extenders.

What to bring:
No essential items

Photo period:
May to July

Possible species:
Hoopoe, Wheatear, Black Redstart, Tawny Pipit, Corn Bunting

Latest image in the gallery: Hoopoe (2016-12-14 05:53:43)

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