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Location and installation year:
This hide is in the Debrecen Great Wood reserve which is a superb old oak forest. It was installed in October 2010. We have a drinking pool in front of the hide which is operating from early April to November. It is about 1.8 km from our other drinking station and located in a small clearing.

It is about 120 meter gentle walk to the hide.

Size and style:
It is 180 cm wide, 250 cm long and 140 cm high. It has 230 cm by 45 cm photo-through windows. It is comforatble for three photographers.

Comfort and accessories:
- Three chairs with back support
- Shelf
- Ventilators against the steaming up of the glass window

This hide can be entered any time. It is possible to leave the hide any time but has to spend minimum 5 hours in a row once entered.

Recommended Photo Equipment:
The distance to the end of the drinking pool where most birds appear is 5.5 meter from the hide. All sort of lenses recommended but a 300 mm is the best. Also take a 500mm if possible, especially for woodpeckers in winter. Occasionally some species perch closer to the hide so a zoom lens can be useful too.

What to bring:
No essential items

Photo period:
Throughout the year

Possible species:
Common Buzzard (winter); Sparrowhawk (winter and August, September); Woodpigeon (May to September); Turtle Dove (May to September); Cuckoo (April and May); Black Woodpecker (May to September); Green Woodpecker (May to September); Great Spotted Woodpecker (all year round); Middle Spotted Woodpecker (all year round; best in April, May or winter); Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (May); Tree Pipit (May); Robin (April and May, August to October); Nightingale (April to July); Song Thrush (April to October); Mistle Thrush (October to December) Redwing (winter); Blackbird (all year round); Fieldfair (winter); Blackcap (April to September); Icterine Warbler (August); Willow Warbler (April to May and August to September); Wood Warbler (August); Chiffchaff (April to October); Spotted Flycatcher (July to September); Pied Flycatcher (May and August); Collared Flycatcher (April and May); Great Tit (all year round); Blue Tit (all year round); Marsh Tit (all year round); Long-tailed Tit (all year round); Nuthatch (all year round); Red-backed Shrike (May to August); Jay (all year round); Starling (April to July); Golden Oriole (May and June); Tree Sparrow (Aprilk to November); Chaffinch (April to November); Greenfinch (April to November); Hawfinch (April to November); Yellowhammer (April to September); MAMMALS: Red fox (April to November); Red squirrel (April to November); Roe Deer (April to November);

Latest image in the gallery: Collared Flycatcher (2016-01-02 14:30:23)

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